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Dr. Eboni Green 

President / CEO  



LinkedIn Professional Profile 


Dr. Green is  the President and CEO of Caregiver Support Services, which specializes in supporting family and professional caregivers across the lifespan through direct supportive services. She is the author of three books At the Heart of the Matter, Caregiving in the New Millennium, and Reflections from the Soul, and currently writes a monthly article that focuses on self-care among caregivers. Green has extensive experience focused on caregivers' health and wellness, with an emphasis on caregiver stress, burnout and related family conflicts. 


In 2002, she became the Nebraska State Representative for the Caregiver Action Network. She was also the resource editor of Take Care, from 2004 to 2006. Green has contributed to a number of publications and given presentations that focus on training, assessing and supporting caregivers.  


Please feel free to contact Dr. Eboni I. Green directly to purchase her books, or to schedule trainings, or for national speaking opportunities.  




Terrence Green MBA, CSA 

VP of Business Development 



LinkedIn Professional Profile 


Terrence Green is a tenacious sales, marketing executive and entrepreneur. His sales and marketing experiences include working for some of the best known technology organizations in the world including: IBM, Gateway, Western Wireless, and Xerox. In, 2001 Terrence was the top sales- person for all of Xerox, where he earned the Star award, a singular honor for sales at Xerox. 

In 1998 Terrence and his wife founded the Senior Caregiver Support Group, a non-profit organization that focuses on training and supporting caregivers. Terrence was fundamental in growing the Senior Caregiver Support Group and in 2003 it became apparent that the business required his full attention. He made the transition to full-time CEO in 2003 and changed the name of the Senior Caregiver Support Group to Caregiver Support Services.


After reorganizing and redirecting Caregiver Support Services strategic initiatives, in 2016, Terrence made the transition to the role VP of Business Development, a volunteer position, where his primary role is, fiscal leadership, business development, vendor and business relations for Caregiver Support Services. 



Our Caregiving Experiences  

Learn more about Dr. Eboni and Terrence Green's caregiving experiences. 







Advocates and Partners  



Fred Dunwoody 

President/CEO of FJD Associates, Inc 

CSS Digital Training Partner 


Fred Dunwoody is the President/CEO of FJD Associates, Inc., US Distributor of Formidable Digital Writing Platform and Digital Writing C2P, a real-time data and document capture to process for Pen & Paper and Tablet applications. Caregiver Support Services and FJD Associates have partnered to streamline caregiver training with Digital Writing C2P, providing you with an efficient and effective mobile solution to support, train, and test caregivers in the office or in the field in real-time. It's simple to use and easy to manage eliminating 70% - 90% of the tasks and costs associated with collecting and processing documentation. 




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Ken Sternfeld 

Founder of RXVIP Concierge 

Pharmacist and Caregiver Advocate for CSS 


Ken Sternfeld is the Founder of RXVIP Concierge, a network of Concierge Care Providers (CSP) Ken is an advocate for Caregiver Support Services (CSS) a "grassroot" non-profit organization with a 501 (c )(3) tax exempt status to help raise awareness to the fact that over 125,000 patients die each year as a result of experiencing an Adverse Drug Reaction to their medications. Ken helps educate professionals in our industry, by conducting Pharmacists as Caregivers - Sunday Conversations, nationally, to help promote setting up benchmark programs and services for family and professional caregivers so their loved ones will be able to get a Pharmacogenetic (PGx) test done at their own physician. Ken helps market an innovative patient-centric letter along with a blank prescription form, that patients can take to their doctor and get tested. 




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Thank you to our Corporate Members!  


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