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At the Heart of the Matter


"At the Heart of the Matter captures the many facets of caring for a loved one and helps us understand ourselves in the process. A must read for all caregivers." —Kara Von Ark

Spirituality is a search for meaning or fulfillment that may be undertaken by anyone. In practical terms spirituality is the marriage of the mind, body, and spirit. It is the awareness that we are part of something much larger and more powerful than we are.

At the Heart of the Matter: A Spiritual Journey for Caregivers was written to empower you to actively engage in activities that will improve your overall spiritual well-being. The exercises and assessments provided are designed gently guide you as you map your personal caregiving journey. The beauty of this sojourn resides in your uniqueness and the potential for self-assessment and personal growth. In other words, use what applies to your caregiving situation. When you explore making changes at the heart of the matter, you are seeking opportunities to make lasting alterations in the way you view your very important role as a caring individual. Therefore, you are invited to acknowledge the epiphany, awakening as it occurs in your life. As James E. Miller[i] stated, “However you choose to express yourself know that you are encouraging your own healing by doing what you do. You are finding ways to accept, bit by bit, the reality of what it all means.” Let us pray that you find meaning in your spiritual journey.


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At the Heart of the Matter: A Spiritual Journey for Caregivers Special Features 

Famous quotes: offering inspiration and hope to ease the turbulence often experienced during the complex matter of providing care for a sick or disabled loved one.

Points to ponder: caregivers are guided through the spiritual journey as they are prompted to address questions at the end of each chapter.

Assessments: to take a closer look at spiritual strengths, find out what best interests individual caregivers and what strategies individuals feel most comfortable with when it comes to assisting a loved one or client.

Poems and interesting stories: each chapter begins with a short story or poem, which sets the tone for the spiritual journey and offers food for thought.

book features

[1]James E. Miller, What Will Help Me? 12 Things to Remember When You Have Suffered a Loss (Fort Wayne: WillowGreen, 2000), 11.


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