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Grief Resources for Family and Professional Caregivers


Strategies for self-care while Grieving  

Coping with the common Feelings Associated with Grief 




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Alzheimer's Speaks 

Alzheimer's Speak host, Lori La Bey speaks with Dr. Eboni I. Green who is a Registered Nurse and family caregiver. She and her husband Terrence Green are the co-founders of Caregiver Support Services a non-profit organization that trains and supports family and frontline caregivers. 



Creating a Loss History Timeline 

Do you feel as though you are using avoidance as a strategy to cope with the loss of your loved one or client? If the answer is yes, you will likely find that by avoiding your feelings today you run the risk of complicating your grief and prolonging your angst.  


You might consider creating a loss history timeline. To create a loss history simply draw a line on a blank piece of paper and then plot out the year or month of your significant losses .Be sure to include your loved one or client's name. Once you have documented each loss, take a moment to reflect on your timeline and the losses you have expereinced over time. I have personally found this exercise to be helpful. As I reviewed my timeline a pattern emerged. The majority of my most significant losses occurred in the winter months. Knowing that winter months are most challening for me emotionally, I worked with a counselor to identify outlets for those times when I tend to become overwhelmed with sadness. I hope that you find this exercise helpful as you work through your grief. Should you seek out counseling you may choose to share your loss history with your counselor so that together you can indentify coping strategies that work best for you.  


Journaling Exercise   

Journaling is an effective strategy for working through your grief.  Sometimes…it just feels good to write down your feelings.  Free from distractions…with no interruptions…it's just you in a peaceful setting, taking the time you need to focus on the positive impact your loved one had on your life.  Journaling can be a beautiful thing…Download the Understanding Grief Journal  




Guided Imagery Exercise  

Guided imagery is another approach you might find helpful when you are overwhelmed with feelings of grief. Please try the following guided imagery exercise: 





Helpful Resources 





Console Comforting Blend 

Losing something or someone you love can be deeply disorienting and painful. Words unspoken and questions unanswered may keep you worried and unsettled. doTERRA Console Comforting Blend of floral and tree essential oils will help you close the door on sadness and take your first steps on a hopeful path toward emotional healing. Bind your broken heart with doTERRA Console Comforting Blend.  



Graceful Passages 

Through words and music, this beautifully designed set offers a renewal of faith to anyone struggling with grief. The book's heartfelt words, from some of the world's greatest visionary leaders, are set to original soul-stirring music, creating an atmosphere of relaxation, insight, and healing.  



Centering Corporation 

Centering Corporation is a non-profit (501 C-3) organization dedicated to providing education and resources for the bereaved. In response to the need for support by families and caregivers while facing their grief experience we developed many new resources. Today we have over 500 grief resources for children and adults. Centering continues to provide educational resources and bookstore for caregivers and families. 






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