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1. Assess Your Situation


Assess Your Situation  


As you know, you play an important role in providing care for your elderly or disabled loved one or client. However, you may feel as though you have limited access to the supports that would increase your chances of having an effective and healthy caregiving experience over the long haul. Developing and implementing a plan for the care of your loved one is an effective coping strategy. Please use the questions below as a starting point when formulating a strategic game plan for your loved one.  



What can/can't my loved one do for him/herself? 


What kind of assistance can/can't I offer my loved one today and in the future? 


Who can help fill in the gaps to assist my love one to remain as independent as possible? 


You might consider downloading the RightConversationssm Family Action Planner so that you can document the unmet needs of your loved one or client. The Action Planner also provides a space to document the possible actions that family members and healthcare providers will take to better support your loved one or client. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed as to where to start when it comes to self-care you may choose to access The "Ask Emma" Caregiver Wellness Tool that will help you determine where you might start to improve your well-being as you care for a loved one or client. 







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