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2. Develop A Plan


Develop a Plan  


Once you have assessed and analyzed your caregiving situation, the next step is to develop A Plan of Action.  The first thing one should do in developing a plan of action is to get organized. You can start getting organized by pondering on some of the following:    


  1. Organize the proper paperwork in place to make health care and/or financial decisions on behalf of your loved one.


  1. Make sure that you have your loved ones SS#, Bank Account #'s, Insurance papers and where other pertinent documents are located.  Great stress reliever if you do and a possible meltdown if you don't.  


  1. Document who will be involved in caring for your loved ones care.  List family members, case/care managers, doctors, therapists, neighbors etc. and phone numbers.


Please download the RightConversationssm Information Journal to assist you with gathering pertinent information in the preparation of care your loved one. 


Once you have documented your plan and have the appropriate contact information it is pertinent to begin reviewing by reviewing it, then implement your plan! 


Let's move on to 


: Implement Your Plan 




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