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Caregiver Wellness

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Caregiver Wellness: Take Care of Yourself from Morning 'til Midnight 

Download the latest Caregiver Wellness infographic. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America compiled this list to fit the nine components of the "Caregiver Wellness: U Model." Eboni Green, Ph.D., RN, co-founder of Caregiver Support Services, Omaha, developed this conceptual model to empower caregivers to achieve optimum wellness. The components are social, psychological, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and financial wellness, plus the empowerment and resilience, or flexibility, necessary for you to take charge of your health on a holistic basis.  


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It's easy for people to say, "Take care of yourself," but here is a plan that anyone can use, whether moment by moment, or day by day. Not on our mailing list?  Sign up for our email newsletter and receive the "Caregiver Wellness: Take Care of Yourself from Morning 'til Midnight" infographic for FREE! 







Empowering U.jpg to Achieve Optimum Wellness   

The video below illustrates the importance of striving to achieve optimum wellness. 



As you know, you play an important role in providing care for your elderly or disabled loved one or client. In, fact, according to the Caregiver Wellness: "U" Model, caregiver wellness is more than simply being physically healthy. At Caregiver Support Services we stress the importance of viewing wellness as an ongoing process - a work in progress. Our goal is to empower you as a caregiver so that you can put the focus back on you while that you can to strive for optimal caregiver wellness. 




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This pre-recorded web seminar helps family and professional caregivers manage stress associated with caring for a client or loved one. Seminar content examines the roles of stress and distress and how they impact caregivers' decision-making abilities. Participants will discover the important differences between the concepts of "helping" caregiving and "rescuing" caregiving. They also will learn to use the "Caregiver Wellness: U Model" in order to develop social, psychological, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and financial wellness and cultivate empowerment and resilience. The webinar was sponsored by Right at Home and presented in cooperation with the American Society on Aging. 


"Ask Emma" 




Assessing your situation creates a benchmark, it is empowering, and it increases likelihood that you will be successful as you care for yourself and your loved one. The Emma Tool is a great place to start when it comes to self-care. 

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Access the Caregiver Wellness for Companies Page  

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Caregiver Support Services recognizes the need to empower family and frontline caregivers to advocate for a supportive workplace where retention of quality caregivers is the focus and where there is an environment that fosters the achievement optimum wellness. 

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The Second Shift: Working Family Caregivers  


Very few caregivers are able to balance working and caregiving, yet many do it alone. The truth is some caregivers experience occupational stress as they attempt to balance working and caring for a sick or disabled loved one. Long-term occupational stress can gradually turn into occupational distress as one attempts to manage multiple competing responsibilities and some caregivers end up leaving their job. Caregivers who give up employment not only face the devastating blow of losing their professional role, but also face losing financial security and work benefits as well. 

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Professional Caregivers  



Amber Snyder is a professional caregiver. Amber works full-time as a nursing assistant in long-term care while also caring for her grandparents. She chatted with us recently about her decision to become a nursing assistant, the importance of self-care, the need for continued training opportunities, and other aspects of her rewarding role as a linchpin caregiver. 


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Develop your Caregiver Action Plan  


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Self-assessment is empowering! It is vitally important to the longevity of caregivers. Just as your client's needs change over time, so too will your needs. Having to ability to assess your situation and locate proper resources or training will enhance your well-being. Please follow the 5 steps below to create your Caregiver Support Action Plan. 


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Purchase Caregiving in the New Millennium  

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For caregivers who are just beginning their journey.  

Caregiving in the New Millennium is an invaluable resource for caregivers of all types. Topics range from best practices to support your loved one to important tips for taking care of you. Included are forms vitally important for getting organized allowing you to keep much needed documentation in one place. You are also provided with helpful hints on how to address the conflicts and tensions that will likely emerge.  


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