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Caregiver Support Services is proud to offer services for family caregivers, professional caregivers, and organizations.

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3 Tips to Enhance your Financial Wellness as a Caregiver

Many caregivers are underpaid. In fact, the national caregiver pay report suggests that professional caregivers are underpaid, and as a result, are less likely to stay in their jobs. The truth is that you likely chose caregiving because it is your calling and you find it rewarding to help others. It does, however, mean that…

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Encouraging Independence When Caring for a Loved One or Client

Empowering your loved one or client to achieve his or her highest level of functioning can promote independence and longevity. In fact, seemingly small steps can positively impact both of your lives and enhance your relationship. The following are some ideas that you can use to encourage independence when caring for a loved one or…

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Nature Mindfulness Meditations for Caregivers | Caregiver Support Services

Nature Mindfulness Meditations for Caregivers If at any point you have thought or said some version of, “I don’t have time to relax….” due to your obligations as a caregiver, read on. Time is not your enemy, your to-do list is. Put it down and walk away…just for a few minutes. No need to panic,…

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7 Senior Housing Options You Can Recommend as a Caregiver

Did you know that there are one million elders currently living in senior communities in the United States? Senior living communities, like nursing homes, continued care, residential care, and assisted living are so popular that this figure is estimated to double by 2030. Yet, understanding which housing option is best can be challenging and chances…

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A Caregiver’s Guide to Visiting your Loved One in a Hospital or Nursing Home During COVID-19

COVID-19 restrictions have made it difficult to visit your loved one if they live in a nursing home or are in the hospital. While these restrictions exist to keep everyone safe, it can be emotionally distressing for both you and your loved one to go for extended periods of time without seeing one another. The…

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Top Reasons Why being a Caregiver can be Rewarding

If you are thinking of becoming a caregiver but are unsure if you have the right skills and personality for the role, there is a lot to consider. For example, individuals who are compassionate, kind, patient, and good listeners make the best caregivers. Should you find that you possess the aforementioned qualities and would enjoy…

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How Mindfulness can Improve Your Caregiving

You likely have a predisposition to helping people that led you to becoming a professional caregiver. Perhaps you have developed a skillset that supports your success. For example, you have homed in on the importance of being kind, responsible, understanding, compassionate, and having a caring attitude. It is possible you are not even aware of…

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5 Ways Caregivers Can Help Clients Enhance Their Well-being

Encouraging your clients to embrace strategies that enhance their well-being can have a positive impact in their lives. The following are five simple tips that you can use to empower your clients to attain their highest level of functioning: Address Bodily Pain Many elders experience bodily pain. The pain they experience can be the result…

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Caregiver Tips: Creating a Safe Living Environment for Seniors

It is encouraging to see individuals living longer, healthier, and happier lives. The Urban Institute projected that one in five Americans would reach the age of sixty-five by 2040, compared to one in eight just twenty years ago. However, it should be noted that advanced age is associated with increased disability. As a caregiver, it is vital…

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2021- The Year of the Healthcare Worker | Caregiver Support Services |

The 73rd World Health Assembly Jim Campbell, Director of the Health Workforce Department in WHO headquarters, stated: “Today’s decision gives clear direction on consensus and the necessary actions on the health and care workforce. WHO urges all Member States, International Financing Institutions, Global Health Initiatives and partners to invest in health workforce readiness, education and…

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About Caregivers Support Services

Caregiver Support Services (CSS) is a non-profit organization with a 501(c) (3) tax exempt status. CSS was founded in 1997 by Terrence and Eboni Green, a husband and wife team, after the couple recognized that most individuals who provide care for a loved one or client do not know where to start when it comes to gathering and coordinating resources and services. Now in its 23rd year CSS has transformed a predominately grassroots regional supporter of caregivers into a nationally known non-profit with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our expertise is leveraging partnerships with national and international organizations to build engaging and innovative solutions for caregivers.

Caregiver Forums

Caregiver Support Services is pleased to offer Caregiver Forums, an online community for caregivers and healthcare professionals as they balance work and life challenges unique to them. Caregiver Forums is a place where caregivers can network and connect with other caregivers and ask for help, guidance, or resources and relevant solutions to help them in their daily caregiving roles.