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A Place to Share.   A Place to Learn.  A Place to Turn.

A Place to Share.
A Place to Learn.
A Place to Turn.

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Caregiver Support Services is proud to offer services for family caregivers, professional caregivers, and organizations.

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Caregiver Support Services- A place to share.  A place to learn. A place to turn.  

How are you doing? The "Ask Emma" Tool is a great place to start when it comes to self-care.

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What You Need to Know About Aging in Place

As we age, we all have to decide how we would like to live out our golden years. Fortunately, Marketwatch explains there are a lot more options at your disposal now compared to in the past, as Baby Boomers are redefining retirement. For many seniors, the preference is to age in place. Aging in place…

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Care Home vs Home Care: What you Need to Know

If you or your parents have reached an age where they require care, you are probably thinking about available options. There are two key options when it comes to elder care, including Care Facilities and Home Care. Yet, how do you know what will be the best fit for your loved one? Both options come…

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What has COVID-19 Taught us about the Way we Live?

If there is one thing that has been highlighted during the pandemic, it is that no matter where you work safety in the workplace is important. In fact, we can probably agree that COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of handwashing, social distancing, and keeping the environments where we live and work clean. There…

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Effective Ways to Care for your Aging Loved One

A lot of factors come into play when you are taking care of an elderly loved one. Especially if you want to ensure that your loved one is handled with love, care, and patience when your loved one is living independently and in good health, you may not currently have concerns. However, in the future…

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Alzheimer’s Disease and Alcohol Consumption

The brain plays an important role as it controls you bodily functions. If your brain is not functioning well, then it can negatively impact your well-being. For example, conditions like Alzheimer’s disease can result in memory loss and over time a decreased ability to perform activities of daily living. Therefore, it is important to understand…

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Looking Ahead as a Caregiver

Taking things one day at a time is often a matter of survival for caregivers. Meeting your loved one’s needs is a huge undertaking that takes a massive emotional toll. Looking toward the immediate future allows caregivers to conserve their energy for the daily tasks where it’s needed most. Unfortunately, this is a defense mechanism…

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3 Tips to Enhance your Financial Wellness as a Caregiver

Many caregivers are underpaid. In fact, the national caregiver pay report suggests that professional caregivers are underpaid, and as a result, are less likely to stay in their jobs. The truth is that you likely chose caregiving because it is your calling and you find it rewarding to help others. It does, however, mean that…

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Encouraging Independence When Caring for a Loved One or Client

Empowering your loved one or client to achieve his or her highest level of functioning can promote independence and longevity. In fact, seemingly small steps can positively impact both of your lives and enhance your relationship. The following are some ideas that you can use to encourage independence when caring for a loved one or…

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Nature Mindfulness Meditations for Caregivers | Caregiver Support Services

Nature Mindfulness Meditations for Caregivers If at any point you have thought or said some version of, “I don’t have time to relax….” due to your obligations as a caregiver, read on. Time is not your enemy, your to-do list is. Put it down and walk away…just for a few minutes. No need to panic,…

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7 Senior Housing Options You Can Recommend as a Caregiver

Did you know that there are one million elders currently living in senior communities in the United States? Senior living communities, like nursing homes, continued care, residential care, and assisted living are so popular that this figure is estimated to double by 2030. Yet, understanding which housing option is best can be challenging and chances…

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About Caregivers Support Services

Caregiver Support Services (CSS) is a non-profit organization with a 501(c) (3) tax exempt status. CSS was founded in 1997 by Terrence and Eboni Green, a husband and wife team, after the couple recognized that most individuals who provide care for a loved one or client do not know where to start when it comes to gathering and coordinating resources and services. Now in its 23rd year CSS has transformed a predominately grassroots regional supporter of caregivers into a nationally known non-profit with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our expertise is leveraging partnerships with national and international organizations to build engaging and innovative solutions for caregivers.

Caregiver Forums

Caregiver Support Services is pleased to offer Caregiver Forums, an online community for caregivers and healthcare professionals as they balance work and life challenges unique to them. Caregiver Forums is a place where caregivers can network and connect with other caregivers and ask for help, guidance, or resources and relevant solutions to help them in their daily caregiving roles.