It has happened to most of us, especially those who work in settings where social distancing is difficult: someone in your inner circle tested positive for COVId-19, so you must self-isolate. When you are a caregiver, there can be a dilemma about your next steps. Of course, your loved one or clients’ safety should come first. Therefore, you will likely want to contact a colleague, friend, or family member to substitute the care you provide so that you can start your time in self-isolation. Filling your days during this time may be difficult. The following are a list of ideas that may help you boost your self-development:

Refresh Your Knowledge

Your power, strength, and trustworthiness as a caregiver lies in the knowledge you have accumulated. While some knowledge and skills are extremely useful on the job, other strategies may have been forgotten. For example, if you are caring for a loved one or client with chronic illness, you may not be prepared for certain medical emergencies.

Therefore, now that you have time to dedicate to self-development, you might decide to take an EMT refresher course. These courses are concise, comprehensive, and entirely online. This means that you can refresh your knowledge while studying at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Take Up a New Hobby

Hobbies are an excellent way to de-stress and follow your passions. However, there never seems to be enough time to enjoy hobbies. You might consider exploring a new hobby like gardening, knitting, or painting while you are self-isolating!

Introduce Mindfulness in Your Routine

It is easy to become stressed and suffer from anxiety during these uncertain times, and the emotions can be even more challenging to manage if you are distressed as a caregiver. Introducing mindful practices, such as yoga and meditation in your routine, can help you keep such feelings at bay. While you will not need to spend hours practicing, starting, or ending a day with a 10-minute meditation session it may help you feel more relaxed, focused, and grounded!

Take a Self-Improvement Course

Caregiving is not always easy, as your role requires you to have extremely strict attributes and skills. As a caregiver you may not have the time to focus on doing something to enhance your well-being. Nutrition, exercise, time management, and other courses for self-improvement can help you feel grounded and enhance your satisfaction in the role. Like the EMT training courses, self-improvement courses can be taken from comfort of your home.

Do What You Usually Don’t Have Time For!

Burnout is a major threat for family and frontline caregivers. Your role can be extremely distressing and for some caregivers lead to burnouts. However, while you are self-isolating you have the opportunity to read, watch TV, exercise, and in general – take care of yourself!