Joint pain is a common issue as we age. In fact, according to a nationwide telephone survey published by the pain management services of Stanford Hospital & Clinic at Stanford University, almost one in five older adults’ experiences chronic pain. Yet, the majority do not understand the cause of the pain leading some to rely on over-the-counter medication to relieve soreness and tightness.

There are variety of factors that can affect your body and lead to inflamed joints. Health experts suggest that keeping a joint-friendly routine and regime can do wonders to avoid aching and tight joints. The following are three suggestion for healthy joints:

Avoid unnecessary risks

There is no denying that aging can impact your mobility and strength. However, decreased mobility primarily impacts individuals who are inactive. It should be noted that the loss of flexibility and muscular strength may not result in joint pain. But it can increase your risk for falls and accidents. Someone who doesn’t feel confident in their balance, for instance, should focus on safe options, such as using handicap ramps, until they can build up their strength and confidence again. A twisted ankle can take a long time to heal as you age. In short, avoiding risks is key!

Maintain a healthy diet

Did you know that joints consist of a large part of fluid, which helps lubricate and protect the cartilage and joints? Drinking water naturally supports the lubrication process. It is also a good idea to introduce anti-inflammatory foods that can reduce the risk of inflammation in the joints. Carbs and processed fats, for instance, can result in an increased inflammatory response. On the other hand, berries and avocados dramatically support the immune system. A homemade guacamole toast on whole grain bread can be a fantastic snack to keep your joints strong and healthy.