One of the most rewarding and yet demanding careers anyone can have is nursing. As a nurse your career often centers around looking after individuals of all ages and abilities. In fact, with so many people needing different levels of care in variety of settings nurses have numerous choices for specialization. If you are looking to make a change in your career, but you love to being a nurse, you might consider advancing your career.

Many registered nurses do not settle for staying at a registered nurse level; they want to progress and learn a new management style. The top ranked nurse practitioner schools are out there for this very reason, and advancing your career as a nurse is going to help you to command a better salary and learn new things. With this in mind, let us take a look at how you can build your nursing career and take it to new heights.

Choose the Right Recruitment Help

If you want people to take you seriously in your role as a nurse, you need a resume that is going to stand out better than anyone else’s. When you apply for a role as a nurse, you must look like someone who wants to do well. Speaking to the right recruiters is going to help you to advance your career, as they can help you to mockup your resume properly so that you catch the eye of a possible employer. The reputation of the organizations that you work for will make your nursing resume pop, and you can further your career simply by having the right names on your resume.

Learn to Network

Sometimes, it is not what you know, but whom. Meaningful relationships are not easy to build if you are not working at a hospital or a facility. Nurses often like to stay in the same routines, seeking out the same jobs repeatedly. Emergency nurses often stick with emergency nursing, where they could instead retrain to become emergency nurse leaders and practitioners. If you want to do better in your career, you need to learn to step out of your comfort zone a little and gain some experience in other nursing disciplines. When you do this, you build new connections and gain the recommendations of other influential individuals, which will improve your career prospects! Be warm, friendly, and connect to others.

Keep Learning

Nurses earn a degree, then a possible graduate certification, Master’s Degree, and PhD. There are a lot of certificates that nurses can complete to improve their education and their prospects, and if you have specific interests in a specific field of nursing, you can get qualified to work in those areas. Certifications give you more weight and more credibility as a nurse, and they also get you ready for any opportunities that could come your way in future.

Look for a Mentor

If you have a mentor, someone you can emulate, you can gain knowledge and experience in nursing that you wouldn’t have gained otherwise. Seasoned nurses will have all the insights that you need which allows you to turn to them for guidance and better advice.

Be Unique

As a nurse, you need to be someone everyone knows. Patients should smile when they see you and your mentor’s past and present should be able to sing your praises. Being well-respected in the nursing community is important, and it’s a great way to build trust in your professional career. You should be better than those around you, be focused and consistent, passionate, and willing to continue your nursing education.

Making an effort in your career as a nurse to continue to strive for greatness is going to set you apart from other nurses. Your superiors are going to see you as someone to go on their priority list for roles in the future. They will keep you in mind for career growth opportunities, too, which will benefit you financially and professionally in the future. Being confident in nursing is vital if you want to be successful, and any of these strategies are going to be a great place to start. As a nurse, you are changing lives, and education and training can continue to change yours.