Providers of support for family and frontline caregivers, Caregiver Support Services, releases a report – Caregiver Wellness and the Honor in Caregivers Asking for Help ®Research Report 2020 detailing the challenges faced by caregivers

 — Caregiver Support Services, an industry leader in the field of caregiving, recently published a report about caregivers – family and frontline and their hidden struggles as they care for their loved ones or clients. The report was written in response to the organization’s goal of helping individuals become great caregivers for the people and patients around them. Titled Caregiver Wellness and the Honor in Caregivers Asking for Help ®Research Report 2020, the report highlights the challenges that caregivers face as they care for a loved one or client.

Caregivers are vitally important to communities. Due to the nature of work and their “heroics,” this category of individuals represent the best of our society. However, studies have revealed that caregivers face a plethora of challenges that could negatively impact their health and well-being. Consequently, Caregiver Support Services aims to bring these issues to public awareness while suggesting ways to empower caregivers to enhance their wellness and ultimately build an ideal caregiver-friendly health care system.

“Researchers in nursing, health care administration, and social work need to develop and test interventions designed to maintain and enhance the health and pay of family and frontline caregivers. The research report also provides brilliant suggestions on how an ideal caregiver-friendly health care system should function,” said Dr. Eboni Green.

The Caregiver Wellness and the Honor in Caregivers Asking for Help ®Research Report 2020 is aimed at synthesizing the troubles caregivers face as they seek to achieve optimum wellness and determine how providers can assist caregivers in accessing the support needed to deliver the best possible care to their loved ones or clients.

The research report is particularly important as it will help to enhance the recruitment of quality frontline professional caregivers, with data from caregivers who participated in the “Why We Care, Why We Stay, Why We Leave,” interactive workshop facilitated by Dr. Eboni Green, the President/CEO of Caregiver Support Services.
Areas highlighted for improvement in the report include health, social relationships, psychological wellness, and quality of life. The report features contributions from family and frontline caregivers, and experts in the healthcare industry.

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About Caregiver Support Services
Caregiver Support Services is a non-profit organization that focuses on family and frontline caregivers. Dr. Eboni Green and Terrence Green established the non-profit to provide caregivers across the globe with resources to help them deliver solutions for the betterment of the community.