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Caregiver Support Step 1

Questions to Help Assess Your Caregiving Situation


As you know, you play an important role in providing care for your elderly or disabled loved one or client. However, you may feel as though you have limited access to the supports that would increase your chances of having an effective and healthy caregiving experience over the long haul. Developing and implementing a plan for the care of your loved one is an effective coping strategy. Please use the questions below as a starting point when formulating a strategic game plan for your loved one.

Isolation & Depression

  • Has your loved one lost interest in outside activities?
  • Does your loved one state that they feel depressed?

Financial Matters

  • Are you able to make needed home improvements for your loved one?
  • Have you noticed that your loved one seems no longer able to handle their finances?
  • Have you seen signs that bills are not paid?


  • Does your loved on miss taking prescribed medication?
  • Does your loved on improperly take their medication?


  • Do you notice any decline in your loved one's ability to operate a vehicle?

Dietary Needs

  • Does your loved on forget to eat but says that they did?
  • Does your loved on have a problem with meal preparation?
  • Does your loved one have spoiled food items in the refrigerator?
  • Does your love one exhibit a decreased appetite?

Personal Assistance or Care

  • Does your loved one require personal care?
  • Does your loved one need a helping hand with normal daily activities?
  • Does your loved on require 24 hour assistance?

Lawncare & Home Maintenance

  • Does your loved one need assistance to maintain their yard (snow removal, mowing the lawn etc.)?

Emergency Care Management

  • Has your loved one documented their care preferences?
  • Does your loved one have a plan in place in case there is a medical emergency?

Assess Your Situation

Download the info-graphic HERE