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Caregiver Support Step 2

Develop a Caregiver Action Plan

Once you have assessed and analyzed your caregiving situation, the next step is to Develop a Caregiver Action Plan. The first thing one should do in developing a plan of action is to get organized. You can start getting organized by pondering on some of the following:


Organize the proper paperwork in place to make health care and/or financial decisions on behalf of your loved one.

Personal Information

Have your loved ones bank account & SS numbers, insurance papers & know where other relevant documents are located. Please download the Personal Information Organizer HERE


Document who will be involved in caring for your loved one.  List family members, case/care managers, doctors, therapists, neighbors etc. and phone numbers.

Developing a Caregiver Action Plan

Comprehensive Resources and Guides

Please visit our Comprehensive Resources and Guides page where you will find a variety of resources to assist you as you prepare to care for your loved one or client.