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Caregiver Support Step 3

Implementing Your Caregiver Action Plan

Once you have a written plan, you should evaluate the plan's overall ability to act as a working action plan. You can begin the practice of listing your accomplishments. The practice of listing accomplishments may assist with staying motivated. The use of journals and checklists can also be effective motivational practices. Documenting progress and mapping out actions may aid in making a mental note of your accomplishments. Once you have written a plan, you must have the motivation to implement it. The following is a list of suggestions for motivational longevity to implement your plan.

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5 Tips for Implementing Your Caregiver Action Plan

Be Gentle with Yourself

Maintain flexiblity in your planning & always remain gentle with yourself. Please do not beat yourself up if things do not go exaclty as planned. Instead, remember that your life is ever changing. Your Plan should allow for flexibility.

Celebrate Success Along the Way

On the occasions when you are successful in reaching your goals, no matter how incremental, you should take your time to stop & celebrate them. Instead of focusing on unmet goals, consider focusing your energy on your success.

Never Give Up, Persist Till You Find a Way to Achieve Your Goals

If an action step is ineffective, discard the practice & try a different approach.

Maintain  a Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude will assist in moving forward. When you are thinking positive thoughts, you have little choice but to feel positive.

Just Do It!

Your plan wil not happen by itslef. In order to see changes & meet the challenges that are associated with caregiving you must take the necessary steps to keep moving forward & use even the smallest achievement as a building block to comtinue successfully caring for yoursef & your loved one.

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Caregiver Support Step 4


Evaluate your Success

There can be a tendency to minimize the successes in our lives and to turn increased energy on the goals you didn't meet. Instead of focusing on unmet goals, try to spend more time and energy focusing on our successes. By no means am I suggesting that we not take mental note when you encounter opportunities to learn. What I am suggesting is to spend very little energy focusing on anything negative in nature. Instead of holding on to negative situations, focus on the positive outcomes and simply move on.

Use your Achievements as Building Blocks for the Future

Building on each achievement can enhance our potential growth. Each individual achievement represents a building block for future successes. We should be mindful of successful practices we discover and make them a natural part of our repertoire. If there is anything not working, we should discard the practice; we don't want to dwell on the ineffectiveness of any practice.