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Caregiver Wellness

Caregiver Wellness: Take Care of Yourself from Morning 'til Midnight

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America compiled this list to fit the nine components of the "Caregiver Wellness: U Model." Eboni Green, Ph.D., RN, co-founder of Caregiver Support Services, Omaha, developed this conceptual model to empower caregivers to achieve optimum wellness. The components are social, psychological, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and financial wellness, plus the empowerment and resilience, or flexibility, necessary for you to take charge of your health on a holistic basis.

It's easy for people to say, "Take care of yourself," but here is a plan that anyone can use, whether moment by moment, or day by day. Download the latest Caregiver Wellness infographic.

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From Isolation to Communion

Dr. Eboni Green and Nicole Dauz share their personal caregiver experiences and explore the differences between the sometimes harmful practices of isolation and loneliness. You will walk away with the understanding that communion is not simply about surrounding yourself with people; rather, it is about sharing your caregiver experiences and opening yourself to new ones.

From Isolation to Communion Webinar

From Isolation to Communion Inforgraphic

Caregiver Wellness: Guided Imagrey

Guided imagery is another approach you might find helpful when you are overwhelmed with feelings of stress or sadness. Dr. Green will walk you through a guided imagery exercise that will leave you relaxed and revitalized.

Manage your Stress and Enhance your Well-being