This is only a Test

I’m sure you all remember that annoying emergency testing announcement “This is a test this is only a test” Beeeeeeeep Beeeeeeeep!” imagine that sound going on for 12 hours straight! Not just the sound but the way it makes you feel. “Good lord is it over already” and the stressful discomfort. This is my description of stress. Caregivers experience stress daily and if it is not managed it can cause emotional issues, health concerns and burnout.

As a nurse I have selected a career that I am proud and honored to tell others and speak about. I do not see my job as a career but as a religion. It is something I believe in and that is the very core of who I am.

Below is an exert from blog describing my day after a series of 12 hour shifts. Please keep in mind people I have been a Psychiatric nurse for 28 years some of you may relate to my emotions.

“This is a test this is test this is only a test!”  Beeeeeeeeeeeep!”

This is how my day has been and such is life.  Here is Arizona, the COVID-19 continues to be on the rise, constant emails and communications and every day talk about riots and racism. Not to mention the couple of punches I dodged from patients like on the movie “The Matrix” oh I forgot I did get hit in the head with a size 10 flip flop sandal” Thank the lord I have a hard head!

Coping with Charlie

My blog is my coping skill “Charlie Speaks!” on the Wix app. It helps me to get things off my heart and mind and try to process what is going on and what I have experienced. Most importantly to recharge. My additional thought today is “Words have power” Also “If you don’t want something repeated don’t say it!”  Today I have practiced the art of “keeping my mouth shut!” and pushing forward no matter the obstacle. This takes focus, skill and energy. Some may have not mastered the skill. They have what some may call “no filter” or as I like to say, “Don’t give a damn or have no common sense!” People it is very difficult to coexist with these types. Not the patients but the coworkers. “This is a test; this is only a test” You need coping skills to push through to manage. The ability to keep your emotions intact in the face of adversity is an art not a skill. Developing and practicing these skills build character and leadership within all of us. Don’t let them see you sweat!”

Suggestions for Coping

Lastly, I encourage each of you to reflect on how you cope. In my experience I can go home after a long day some of you may not have that luxury. The following are some suggestions for coping after a long day:

  • Ask others for help
  • Maintain emotionally supportive relationships
  • Journal
  • Maintain emotional composure or alternatively, expressing distressing emotions.
  • Recognize your triggers
  • Meditate or pray
  • Eat, sleep take care of yourself get a massage.
  • Know your limits
  • Exercise
  • Listen to music and Join a support group that permits you to Speak!


About Charissa Davis

This article was authored by Charissa Davis, RN, BC, MSL. Thank you for your excellent contribution Charissa!

Charissa Davis  is an accomplished health care leader with more than 20 years of progressively challenging experience in health care management and nursing care. She has demonstrated skills in planning and the successful execution of complex health care projects; has well developed written and verbal communication skills. Considered energetic, fair, persistent, and approachable, with the ability to motivate and maximize team and staff performance. Has experience in for profit and not for profit organizations. Charissa has a great commitment to Nursing and its future and holds her staff to a high degree of professional accountability. She is frequently seen working side by side with her staff in times of crisis and daily unit operations. As a motivated nursing leader with unlimited energy, she is an excellent selection in assisting an organization in achieving its objectives.