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The Importance of Training your Caregivers

Providing personal home health care is among the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Yet, the number of available qualified caregivers is not expected to meet the demand. This means that retaining your caregivers is paramount to the quality of care you provide. Training has been found to be a vital component of reducing caregiver stress and improving job satisfaction. In essence trained caregivers are more confident, feel better supported, and are less likely to leave their jobs.

Caregiver Support Services Training Features & Benefits

Check Out the Features & Benefits of Our Caregiver Training Solutions

Each Registered Caregiver Receives a Certificate after Completing each Course

Each Course is Accompanied with a Printable Guide

Register Multiple Student Users at Once

Create a Community for your Empolyees

Eliminate the Time and Resources Needed to Maintain On-Going Training Programs

Caregivers can be Trained and Tested anywhere at any Time in Office or in the Field

Once Submitted, Tests are Available Immediately for Review by Administration

Test Data is Captured in Real-time and Automatically Analyzed and Graded and Digital Tests can be Stored for Easy Access Whenever Needed

Instant Access to New Courses and Materials at a Discounted Price