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Caregiver Training for Companies

The Importance of Training your Caregivers

The growth in number of the aging population and changes in the health care industry have resulted in an increased need for frontline direct caregivers to provide home and community based services. In fact, providing personal home health care is among the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. Yet, the number of available qualified caregivers is not expected to meet the demand. This means that retaining your caregivers is paramount to the quality of care you provide. Training has been found to be a vital component of reducing caregiver stress and improving job satisfaction. In essence trained caregivers are more confident, feel better supported, and are less likely to leave their jobs.

Caregiving Training Solution Features & Benefits

Caregiver Support Services can deploy and administer a myriad of custom designed training modules in real-time, helping your agency eliminate the time and resources needed to maintain on-going training programs, while providing you with a solution that is both qualitative and cost effective. Our turnkey solution ensures that your caregivers have access to the tools and support that enhance their ability to provide quality care based on industry best practices.

Our Interactive, engaging, mobile-friendly digital e-learning modules ensure that your caregivers are up- to -date on home care best practices ensuring that both the agency and caregivers are meeting industry and compliance standards. An added benefit of our digital e-learning solution is that your caregivers can be trained and tested anywhere at any time in office or in the field. Once submitted, tests are available immediately for review by administration. Test data is captured in real-time and is automatically analyzed and graded and digital tests can be stored for easy access whenever needed.

Our program is priced per seat.  Each learner within your organization requires one seat. The benefit for your organization is that instead of having to select a limited number of training topics per year, our digital e-learning solution provides you with full access to our complete training library. When a new course is created, your organization will have instant access to no additional charge. To find out more about pricing, or request a live demo, please contact us.