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There is Honor in Asking for Help

Caregiver Wellness Post-Summit Reflection & Thank You

Caregiver Support Services would like to extend a sincere thank you to our summit speakers, sponsors, advocates, and attendees for their contributions to a successful Caregiver Wellness Summit in Omaha, Nebraska on November 15-16, 2018. The Summit brought together key stakeholders across a broad range of community and business sectors including: policy-makers, community leaders, business leaders, governmental program advocates, researchers, spiritual leaders, military veterans, home care aides, nursing assistants, and family caregivers.

Pictures for the Caregiver Wellness Summit

Under the conference theme – “There is Honor in asking for Help ®”- an interactive workshop titled Why we Care, Why we Stay, Why we Leave was facilitated by Dr. Eboni Green. Following a brief introduction to the challenges that working family and front line caregivers face in accessing proper supports in the workplace, summit attendees were divided into working groups.

Each group was then tasked with addressing four important questions including:

  1. What qualities make the best caregivers?
  2. What tools/supports do caregivers need to be effective?
  3. How can employers best support employed caregivers?
  4. If you could design a caregiver-friendly healthcare system what would it look like?

Two working groups were formed and allotted time to carefully discuss and answer the questions. Each of the working groups selected one member to record and another to report the group findings. Each group then shared their team’s responses during a discussion involving all summit members. One important theme became apparent. We can and must do more to support caregivers and if we intend to achieve this goal, we must disrupt caregiving! As a direct result of the discussions that occurred during the summit a seven-question survey was designed to refine the definitions, attributes, and supports caregivers need to be successful in the workplace – we need your help! Together, we can change the healthcare system so that family and frontline caregivers are empowered and feel valued!

Caregiver Wellness and the Honor in Caregivers Asking for Help ®Research Report | November 2020