Caregiver Support


Pharmacists as Caregivers

This hour-long discussion will focus on how a pharmacy consult can help you become a better gatekeeper for the medications your loved one is taking. The benefits scheduling an annual Wellness Prescription Checkup and how Chronic Care Management services can be used proactively to advocate for the best possible outcomes for your loved one is also explored.

Medication Safety for Caregivers

Managing medications can be one of the more complex, yet impactful aspects of caring for a loved one or client. In fact, certain foods and drugs may have specific interactions when taken together could cause adverse reactions or cause the medication to be ineffective.

Support Services for Caregivers of Veterans

Caregivers play an important role in the health and well-being of Veterans. As a Caregiver, the very best thing you can do for those who depend on you is to take care of yourself. The Caregiver Support Program offers training, educational resources, and multiple tools to help caregivers of Veterans succeed. These services are available in and out of the home to help you care for the Veteran you love and for yourself.

Important Note: You are invited to listen to the recording of Joni Martin’s presentation that focuses on Caregiver Support for Veterans. Please be advised that the recording is delayed. You will begin hearing Joni’s voice 2 minutes 44 seconds after pressing play.