Webinar: Caregiver Wellness

Date: April 9, 2020

Time: 12:00pm CST

Location: Recorded Online Webinar

Stress in and of itself is not bad. Contrary to popular opinion, stress is needed to function properly. It provides encouragement and the drive to accomplish what you set out to do in life. However, when stress   becomes a way of life, you can easily become distressed. As a caregiver you may find that you are faced with challenging   interpersonal   relationships with the care team, clients, family and friends. When you are distressed, even close and supportive care teams can experience increased tension. Left unresolved these stressors can result in illness and lead to burnout. In this webinar you will learn the following:

  • Explore the roles stress and distress play in the decision- making process and how they impact the well-being of caregivers.
  • Identify practical caregiver solutions that you can apply right now to improve your wellness so you can serve others better.
  • Explore the rules of healthy professional and family caregiving and the differences between helping and rescuing.
  • Define the Caregiver Wellness: U Model of the movement toward social, psychological, physical, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and financial wellness, while also incorporating
    empowerment and resilience.