For many seniors, the thought of spending their retirement at home is far preferable to moving into an assisted living facility. However, even healthy seniors worry about the risks of falling and sustaining grave injuries.

If you want to age in place, you will need to be proactive about fall prevention. These resources will help you change your home and your lifestyle for the sake of your health!

Modifying Your Home

These modifications are crucial for aging in place.

  • Get rid of throw rugs and hire contractors to install comfortable, slip-resistant flooring throughout your home.
  • Think about some simple additions in your bathroom, like a shower seat and grab bars.
  • It’s all too easy for accidents to happen in the kitchen, so updating your lighting and adjusting your countertop heights is a good idea.

 Considering In-Home Care

Even with home modifications, you may be safer with in-home care.

  • Wondering if in-home care is worth it? Read up on the many benefits of having support from a caregiver.
  • When you’re ready to hire a caregiver, reference this thorough guide to make an informed choice.
  • If one of your loved ones will be providing you with in-home care, they may want to seek out educational resources through Caregiver Support Services.

Tools for Aging in Place

Investing in these tools can also help you prevent falls.

  • Choose the right shoes to wear around the house – make sure they fit you perfectly so you don’t stumble!
  • Using a mobility aid can give you the means to move around your house with extra support.
  • In case you do fall, a fall detection system can immediately alert your loved ones.

Other Lifestyle Changes

These resources will help you make essential lifestyle changes that help prevent falls.

  • These sleep tips will help you wake up feeling well-rested and energetic every day.
  • Try these simple indoor physical activities to improve your strength, balance, endurance, and more.
  • Incorporating a few helpful supplements into your diet can help you stand strong.
  • Check out these comprehensive guides to healthy habits to completely revamp your lifestyle!

Worries about falling can prompt some seniors to prematurely move into retirement villages or assisted living communities. But if you would prefer to age in place, you do have plenty of options for making your home safer. With these resources, you will be able to turn your home into a safe haven and enjoy your golden years without relocating!