The Journey of Grief: The Importance of a Survival Breath 

Imagine that you are sailing in open water on your way to a beautiful island. You have been traveling for a long time, but you finally catch a glimpse of the island off in the distance and feel a sense of relief that you are so close to reaching your destination. You take this opportunity to bask in the sun as it shines brightly and you listen to the music of the waves as they ripple against the sides of your boat. Just when you feel totally relaxed, a substantial wave pummels you, forcing you to grip the boat tightly until the swell passes, the surging water leaves you shaken. So you take a moment and collect yourself as you acknowledge that the smoothness of a boat ride in open water often depends on elements that are not within your control. As you begin to recover from the wave force, a riptide crashes in and thrusts you from the safety of your boat. You take a deep breath known as a survival breath and sink underwater until the riptide passes and you can bobbed to the surface. Please listed to the video to hear more..

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