Lots of people have tough jobs, but caregivers have to be near the top of that list. For many primary caregivers, taking care of an ill or elderly loved one isn’t even their primary job. It’s exhausting, both mentally and physically. This holiday season, when you’re looking for gifts, here are some good ideas for what to get for the caregiver in your life.
Hire Some Help
Busy people with pets rarely get to spend as much time exercising them as they would like, and if

they do, it tends to eat into the time they would have to do other things (like hang out with their kids or cook dinner). One great gift idea for the busy caregiver in your life is to pay for a year’s worth of dog walking for them. Having a properly exercised dog and the extra time will make their lives remarkably easier. Another idea is to hire a cleaning service to give their home a thorough deep cleaning. The caregiver in your life will be pleased to start off the New Year with sparkling clean home. The cost of maid services averages $167 per visit.

Give them the gift of a vacation
Sure, you can’t schedule when they will have some time off because a caregiver rarely has any time off. But you can give them the gift of travel to be used whenever they can manage it. Getting away on a vacation is one of the best ways to destress and rejuvenate. Most major airlines offer gift certificates and vouchers that can be used toward the purchase of airline tickets. And yes, you can afford to buy a flight for your loved one! There are tons of inexpensive flights to awesome destinations worldwide.
A really nice pillow
If you’re laughing at this, then you’ve never owned a really nice pillow. To someone who is overworked and overstressed, quality sleep (whether it be in bed or napping on the couch) is one of the most important things in their life. You can’t have quality sleep without a quality pillow. A great pillow will be soft but supportive. It will contour to your head and neck but retain springiness. Here are some of the best all-around pillows you can buy right now.
A subscription to a meal kit service
There are few things that have made millions of people’s lives easier over the past couple of years than the many meal kit delivery services that have sprung up out of Silicon Valley and beyond. For people who want to cook, eat healthy, and avoid fast food, they have been a godsend. There are dozens of these services, from Blue Apron to Plated, but most of them work in a similar fashion. Every week, you get a shipment of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients that require minimal processing before they can be cooked. You’ll also receive recipes, so you’ll know how to use the specific ingredients. It cuts out the recipe-finding and grocery-shopping parts of cooking, and it saves a lot of time. Here is a comprehensive review of many of the services out there.
Some great aromatherapy products
Want your loved one to really relax? Consider making them a basket of aromatherapy products, such as candles, scented oils, bath bombs, etc. According to the Mayo Clinic, aromatherapy really works to help relieve chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. You can create a basket for pretty cheaply, and the caregiver in your life will be thrilled. Check out some of these essential aromatherapy products before you buy.
There are tons of great gift ideas for caregivers beyond this list, but these are pretty solid. The main thing you should ask yourself when holiday shopping for a caregiver is, “Would this product or service make their life easier?”If the answer is yes, you should consider it.
Thank you to Barbara from Stand up for Caregivers for her wonderful contribution and suggestions regarding gifts that caregivers might appreciate.