Caregiver Wellness for Employees: Normal Aging – up to 50 Employees

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Aging is a gradual process that begins at birth and continues throughout one’s lifespan. Yet, there are numerous misconceptions about illnesses and what is deemed normal as you age. This course debunks this ideology and will help you differentiate normal and expected occurrences when caring for an elderly loved one or client who is aging.

This course will you equip your employees with the skills and confidence to provide the very best care for their loved ones.

This 50 seat bundle includes:

  • Normal Aging Course (What to expect as your loved ones age)
  • Live Quarterly Webinars 4 Annually
  • Quarterly Articles for your Organizations Newsletter
  • Emma Tool Consultation



Offer help and assistance to your employees taking care of loved ones – up to 50 employees

Help your employees with the daily struggles of caring for loved ones.

This 50 seat bundle includes:

  • Online Normal Aging Course
  • Live Quarterly Webinars
  • Quarterly Articles for your Organization’s Newsletter
  • Emma Tool Consultation