Preventing Dependent Adult Abuse


Benefits of taking the Dependent Adult Abuse Prevention Course
Many vulnerable adults are at risk of mistreatment and negligence. In fact, most elder abuse occurs at the hands of family members and frontline health care workers. One of the best strategies for preventing dependent adult abuse is having a working knowledge of the risk factors. This course highlights why it is vital for health care workers, family caregivers, and community organizations to prevent abuse among dependent adults. You will also learn the techniques a caregiver can use to recognize signs of abuse and how to deal with barriers associated with reporting abuse.


Mr. Jones is a 45-year-old gentleman who suffered from a traumatic brain injury. He requires assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), but is mobile once he is dressed and in his wheelchair. During the lunch hour, the nurse positioned Mr. Jones’s wheelchair in the direction of the dining room.

The nurse went to help other residents and returned after a bit to catch a glimpse of Mr. Jones wheeling himself in a different direction. The nurse redirected his wheelchair by turning it back toward the dining room. The pair repeated the same actions several times, until the nurse became frustrated and grabbed Mr. Jones, then shook him, leaving bruises on Mr. Jones’s shoulders.

What should you do to protect Mr. Jones?

Was Mr. Jones physically abused?

How should you report suspected abuse and to whom?

If you would you like to have a better understanding of the aforementioned questions, this course is for you. Keep the level of care that you provide at a consistently excellent level, by enrolling in Caregiver Support Services- Preventing Dependent Adult Abuse course today!


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