Why Caregivers Need Support Research Report 2020




Caregivers manage the physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical needs of a loved one or client while managing their own lives, needs, families, and careers. Providing care for a loved one or client can result in chronic stress and compromise the caregiver’s physical-psychological health. Additionally, most caregivers are doing double duty, and as a result, are at an increased risk for adverse physical and emotional health outcomes. In fact, burnout is a major threat for caregivers. This research report is important because the recruitment of quality frontline professional caregivers is one of the most pressing global issues. Data input for this research is from caregivers who took part in an interactive workshop called “Why We Care, Why We Stay, Why We Leave” facilitated by Dr. Eboni Green.

This research report aims to synthesize the challenges caregivers face in achieving optimum wellness and determine how providers can assist caregivers in accessing the proper supports needed while caring for a loved one or client. Health, social relationships, emotional wellness, pay, and quality of life are areas that require immediate changes. Researchers in nursing, health care administration, and social work need to develop and test interventions designed to maintain and enhance the health and pay of family and frontline caregivers. This research report also provides brilliant suggestions on how an ideal caregiver-friendly health care system should function.