Looking after a loved one is a challenge when you live nearby. But when you live farther away from a family member who needs assistance, things become more complicated. Finding solutions that allow you to help without having to travel far is an essential part of being a caregiver—even from a distance. These solutions can offer comfort and aid to ease your mind and help your loved one.

Reduce (or Eliminate) Housekeeping Concerns

If your loved one has difficulty maintaining their home or landscape, consider hiring help or making changes to the property. For example, you might have a lawn and garden sprinkler system installed so that your senior loved one doesn’t need to remember to run the hose each day.

Hiring out help for aerating a lawn can ensure your loved one can enjoy their landscaping without putting in a lot of effort. In the Omaha area, the cost of aerating a lawn ranges between $75 and $137.

Schedule Grocery Deliveries or Meal Subscriptions

Shopping for ingredients and preparing nutritious meals is often challenging for older adults who live alone. Even if you live far away, you can use subscription services to ensure your loved one has access to healthy meals. For example, you can connect your senior with programs like Meals on Wheels.

You could also order takeout from their favorite restaurant or sign them up for recurring deliveries of meal kits or heat-and-eat options. In many areas, grocery delivery services are also available from select providers like Instacart and Amazon Fresh.

Arrange Rides to Appointments and the Store Remotely

If it’s no longer safe for your loved one to drive, or they feel uncomfortable doing so, you don’t need to be in the same city to offer a ride. Apps like Uber or Lyft offer access to convenient and affordable ridesharing services.

You can order a ride for your loved one and even track their progress as they head to appointments, the grocery store, or anywhere else. Alternatively, you can subscribe your loved one to a paid service like GoGoGrandparent, which acts as a concierge and schedules pickups and drop-offs on their behalf.

Invest in a Voice Assistant to Handle Daily Needs

Setting up a voice assistant service is another way to help your senior without traveling to visit. Even if your loved one has trouble with smartphones or similar technology, a voice assistant can feel more natural and be easier to access.

You can select a device, such as an Amazon Echo (retails for under $100), and then activate the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Other options include Apple’s Siri (available on iOS devices) and Google’s Google Home devices (available on smartphones and a separate Smart Home device).

With a voice assistant, your loved one can make hands-free phone calls, set reminders, check the weather, listen to the news, and complete many other daily tasks independently.

Choose Surveillance Equipment for Peace of Mind

Whether your loved one is anxious living alone or you want to be able to check in remotely via video, in-home video cameras might be a smart, remote solution. For seniors who live alone, a video doorbell might offer peace of mind as they can check who’s at the door before opening it.

In-home cameras offer a way for you to check in on your loved one (with their permission) visually. Even if their smartphone isn’t charged or they don’t hear the landline ring, you can visibly confirm their well-being.

Helping your loved one can feel impossible when you’re far away. Safety is often a primary concern for families, but independent living is a priority for older adults. Fortunately, with the help of technology—and local services—you can give your senior family member the support they need whenever they need it.