Caregivers help ensure the care and well-being of senior citizens, those with mental illness, terminal illness, and disabilities. However, as you know, caregiver burnout is very real and they also require support. Social workers play an important role in assisting all of these folks, and with the aging Baby Boomer generation to consider, it’s no wonder that the social work sector is predicted to grow by 16% in the next 10 years. is dedicated to bringing current and future social workers the best and most relevant resources in the field. From the ins and outs of what it takes to become a social worker, to databases of scholarships and degree programs, this site is a tool for those who seek information and guidance as they join the ranks of the professionals caring and advocating for people all over the world.  

As Social workers play an important role in supporting caregivers, the site recently created guides breaking down what earning a degree in social work entails. The guides include typical coursework, specializations, scholarship opportunities, job & salary outlook, and licensing & certification information for social work students. For more information, you can find the links below: 

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work Online:
Earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work Online:
Earning a Doctorate in Social Work Online: