Infection Control for Caregivers


The Benefits of Taking the Infection Control for Caregivers Course

There are endless benefits to caregivers having a thorough understanding of infection control practices. In fact, understanding and then applying these techniques is particularly important if you are caring for a vulnerable loved one or client. For example, washing your hands properly and regularly disinfecting the environment where you provide care for your loved one or your client can go a long way in avoiding the spread of bacteria and viruses that causes illness.






Have you heard the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness?” The popular proverb can be found in ancient Hebrew and Babylonian texts but was coined by John Wesley in 1778 and highlights the importance of having measures in place to keep the environment where you care for your loved one or client clean. For example, routinely disinfecting the living space where your client or loved one receives care and washing your hands properly can prevent the spread of illness-causing bacteria and viruses.

What you will Learn 

You will learn the following by enrolling in the Infection Control for Caregivers Course:

  • How to differentiate between bacteria and viruses, as the two are often mistaken for one another.
  • Conditions that promote the growth of bacteria.
  • How to effectively use hand sanitizers and healthy ways to disinfect your client’s or loved one’s living space.
  • Who is at greatest risk for developing bacterial or viral infections, including common symptoms and treatments.
  • Tips on application and safe removal of gloves, effective handwashing, prevention of the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and keeping your loved one or client safe.

Benefits of Taking this Training

The Infection Control for Caregivers Course includes over 60 minutes of training video, a training booklet, downloadable infographics, and a practice test.

Everything is available digitally to you, with access on-demand, anywhere, anytime.

You can complete the course from the comfort of your home using your mobile device – and you will earn a certificate of completion after taking the final quiz at the end of the course.

Keep the level of care that you provide at a consistently excellent level, by enrolling in Caregiver Support Services- Infection Control for Caregivers Training Course today!


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